3 Must-Have Tools to Spy on Your Competitors’ Social Media

3 Must-Have Tools to Spy on Your Competitors’ Social Media

Companies need to analyze their content marketing efforts when building their social media profile authority through the prism of competitive performance. A successful brand strategy can be build only by analyzing the competition. For this purpose, there are some social media tools that provide social media competitive analysis on platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

We should take into consideration when analyzing fan pages some key metrics such as: the length of post, the type of post, volume of posts/day, frequency of posts/day, time of posting, as well as the most utilized hashtags and keywords.

Simply Measured

This reporting tool set is a multichannel analytical program that provides various comprehensive insights in the form of calculations, tables and charts. Users can track, monitor, and analyze all their multiple profile pages that can spread on up to 12 social media platforms. Simply Measured provides 13 free reports on social media performance, that users can generate in Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Among these 13 free reports it is worth to mention the Facebook Competitive Analysis. This report allows users to analyze up to 10 Facebook fan pages.

Among the pros to Simply Measured are the following:

  • Provides plain and clear charts
  • Comes with 13 free reports
  • Features 45 cross platform reports in PowerPoint, Excel, and Word


This tool is able to generate clear reports on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. FanpageKarma gives users some in-depth data insights on their social media performance. The program comes with pop-up hints and a very intuitive site navigation that make a user-friendly interface. Among its features are included: analysis of influencers, post time/type and content as well as other insights on your social profile. The program comes with Excel report export, a dashboard, benchmarking of your company fan page compared with your competitors’, tagging and historical overview of the fan page’s performance.

Among the pros of the FanpageKarma tool are worth mentioning:

  • The tool is freeComes with a user friendly interface
  • Allows users to compare 2 fan pages


This is another good tool that allows you to spy on your competitors’ social media. In fact, Twitonomy is specialized on providing analytics on the Twitter platform. This tool is not only analytical but it also allow you to monitor your company account, manage your tweets and get insights on the activity parameters on your account. Among its features are included tweet analysis, and a dashboard.

Pros to Twitonomy are:

  • Features an intuitive app interface
  • Provides easy to understand and intuitive tweet analytics
  • It is a free program

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